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Over the last few weeks we have been in almost daily contact with Fly Racing in regards to our traditional Fly Contingency Program. The information they provided us last September indicated they were planning on continuing the program for 2016 Status Quo. Many of you probably also remember Rob from Fly announcing this at our banquet in December. We bought inventory and sold gear with this in mind. With that being said, this week, the powers to be from Fly decided they were no longer offering us the Contingency Program in its traditional sense. They indicated this was a business decision on their part where the program had basically grown to where it no longer made financial sense for them to continue as such and had became virtually un-manageable in size. This is both good AND bad. It's good that we helped promote Fly in the best way we knew how and grew it beyond a manageable number, but bad for the racers who bought gear based on signing up for the contingency program as promised.

As race promoters, this initially really upset Karen and I. Ultimately, Karen, Rob from Fly, and I want you all to know that we in no way intended to ever mislead anyone. We reported the info from Fly as they reported it to us. In hopes of setting the record straight, we expressed our concerns to our #1 contact at Fly who has ALWAYS had our back whenever we called upon him for help. He and and his Fly crews history of helping with special events, camps, banquet goods, etc. has been nothing but stellar. They are a REAL CLASS ACT and consider us part of their Fly Family! They have stepped up to the plate this year and have agreed to support our MPX Race Series and Elkton Moto Circus Events with "Fly Bucks" that we can give out each and every event, however we see fit. You riders and your families will no longer have to wait till the end of the year to get your Fly Bucks. This will allow us to spread the Bucks so to speak for just about anything we can come up with. Holeshot awards, hard chargers, fun races, special games, best tricks, worst landing, etc.... we can make this fun for lots! They also agreed to continue to support our MX Christian MX Camp and year end banquet.

To date, we have 21 riders who bought gear from us at the banquet with the intention of signing up for the 2016 Contingency Program. 3 others have contacted us advising they bought gear from other dealers and wanted to sign up. If there is anyone else out there who bought Fly gear based on what Rob announced at the banquet between the banquet date and today's date, April 13th, 2016, contact me ASAP via fb. Rob has indicated he will do his best to make right any promises that you believed were to be. However, it will NOT be any sort of contingency program. We will need you to provide your racer name, classes you intend to race, and receipts for gear purchased along with a picture of the gear. If you bought your gear from Toby's Toys we have your information but need your classes you intend to race.

Fly REALLY has made the best of this situation. There are no other companies in the business that have did as much for our racers, families, and our track as Fly Racing, and for that, we are extremely grateful for them and will continue to be 100% loyal to them.

Thank you all for your cooperation and understanding.